Terowell is a One-year-old company that has grown exponentially thanks to its talented employees and regular technology updates.

The current "Terowell" is a leading manufacturer of grounding, lighting and cable accessories, earthing & lighting protection, accessories, clamps, clips, conductors, lugs and copper & brass products. With extensive knowledge in the field of lightning protection, strong research and development activities, continuous innovation in manufacturing technology and product specifications, Terowell increasingly demands to provide reliable, high-quality products at competitive prices and you can quickly deal with the difficulties of the market. Durability and safety.

Terowell products are fully engineered and manufactured to established specifications and designs in accordance with approved international standards. A wide range of products, a professional and efficient international sales network and a strong focus on customer needs represent the strengths of the Terowell Group, which guarantee a significant competitive advantage in a constantly evolving global market.

As a manufacturer of Terowell, we perfectly manage the quality of our products, from raw materials to finished products. Implement strict quality control and management. Only ingredients that exceed strict standards can be marketed.